Three misconceptions about building a website for your small business.

3 Common Misconceptions About Building A Website For Your Small Business

Building a website can open up many new opportunities for you and your business! Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions out there that might be causing roadblocks in your goals. Without a website for your business, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities to advertise your products or services and to reach your audience. If you’re delaying a website build because of these misconceptions, let’s put them to rest!

The Misconceptions

  • You need to know how to code
  • You need a large budget
  • You need a web designer

You’ll find that while these three misconceptions are helpful, they aren’t needed to get your first website online.

Let’s start with the first one; knowing how to code. It is helpful to know how a website functions at a basic level, but it isn’t necessary in building your first website for your business. It takes many hours to learn to code and let’s face it, you have better things to spend your time on. There are many tools available that help side-step the need to code and get your website going.

If you think you need a large budget, you really don’t for a first website. It is one of the best investments for your business and your first website can get away with a less expensive option to get it started. When business begins booming now that you’ve expanded your online presence, you can then look at expanding your budget and scaling up for bigger and shinier things.

While a web designer can be indispensable for your business goals, you don’t need one to get started. In your business’s infancy, you probably haven’t needed the expertise of a bookkeeper and have been getting along with doing the books yourself using software. The same can be said with a web designer. You might be able to get along with some sweat equity and spend time with website building software.

Get Started

Now that we’ve put these misconceptions to bed, let’s look at the options available to you and some of the steps you should take.

Website Builders – These are services that provide software or ready made templates to get your website up quickly. Some of the options are:

Steps To Take

  1. Secure your domain name. This is what you type into the browser ending in .com, .org, or .net . Your business name should be your first choice in a domain name. I recommend using Google Domains even if your website building service offers domains. This way, when you’re ready to move away from that service and grow your website, you won’t need to go through a transfer process.
  2. Setup your email. Now that you have a domain, give yourself a more professional appearance with an email address using your business name. Instead of, you will have I recommend using Google G Suite for your email services. They offer a lot more with your account than just email as well!
  3. Compile your content. Whether you use a website builder or hire the services of a web designer, you’ll need to have your content prepared. Your website is really for your customers, so write your content for them. Follow the old school Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. Who is your audience? What are they coming to your website for? When are you open/available? Where are you located? Why are you in business? How can they reach you/buy your product/engage your service?
  4. Then, get to building that website!

Do’s and Dont’s

Do get started. Don’t miss out on larger markets by not having a website. You can always start with one option and upgrade later. The important thing here is to just get started!

Do get creative. Don’t get too creative; no wild colors, gaudy graphics, or comic sans. Have a look at some other websites for inspiration, especially those of your competitors.

Do use a website builder service. Don’t expect too much from it. They are very cookie cutter for a reason; to get you online quickly.

In Closing

As you did for your business, do your research for your website. Check out all the options and pick the best one for you in this moment that will allow you to get your business building its online presence. It is an investment that will bring great returns.

Finally, if you do get in a bind, you realize you don’t really have the time, or you find out that building a website is not your forte, do contact a web designer or consultant. Don’t put it off or you’ll miss out on some great opportunities!

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