About Rob.

Rob has been building websites since 2010, but things got really serious when he started using WordPress in 2014. While he enjoys hand-coding websites, Rob found he could provide a better value to his clients with WordPress. It has allowed him to create a whole, well-rounded service to help non-profits and small businesses scale up their online presence while also allowing him to continue providing a hand crafted, custom design.

Ever the student, Rob continues to educate himself on the web and best practices so that he can provide the best possible experience for his clients.

Rob also enjoys talking in third-person. No, not really. In fact, I'm done with that. There's a lot more I enjoy. Coffee, technology, art, music, gaming, learning to play the ukulele... I'm passionate about a lot of things. But one thing I'm really passionate about is helping people and I want to use that drive in helping you create the awesome web presence you deserve!