Get Started

Get started.

So you want to work with me?

We're joining together to build something pretty awesome! To help make it all a success, let's make sure we'll work well together. Here is the criteria for making a great team.

You have your brand.

While I am happy to recommend branding services, I do not help with branding your company. What I do is take that brand and give it a home on the web. You're prepared with your logo, color schemes, and content.

You know your budget.

A website is a major investment and you know that. You already have an idea of what you need to spend for this project to achieve your goals. I'll do my best for you to achieve a positive return and give you the best possible solution for your budget.

You have goals.

Building your business is very goal oriented. Building a website should be part of those goals as the website is an extension of your business. You know what you want and I'll provide the path to get there. If you aren't clear about your goals or won't work with me to help define them, we won't make a great team.

You know your audience.

Sure your website is all about your business and what you offer, but your website is really about your audience. Who are you trying to reach? I'll help you define your audience, but having an idea of who they are is a great first step.